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  • Server Update 22/04/2020


    adds footprint file and strings for tree house 2 adds static entries for the tree house deed and restores tree house 2

    fixes kyrisa npc to take naming from the final day assests

    Omogg’s Representative convosation strimgs alinged to final day assets

    Terrain modifier for Kwi temple upated to WoD assets to be added later

    Belt of Master Bodo Baas Entries added to appearance table for all species [fix]

    Unblocked a cave on dathamire [fix]

    Extra NCP spawns around Rubina [fix] 

    Shrine on dathamire dubble spawn [fix]

    Sign Names [fix]

    Added missing scripts

    added missing file for empire day

    Witches of Dath added (work in progress]



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