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    Server: ShadowFire
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    Online Since: 21 February 2021 6:50 pm
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  • Server Update 06/02/2021

    Server Update 06/02/2021

    resource supply crate appearance fixCity Recycling Junk Terminals de-rank exemption toggle addedboth will be added apon next reboot

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    13/01/2021 client update

    update to all experise trees

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    25/10/2020 update

    empire/remberance day most quests are fixed upon next reboot

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    Server Update 02/08/2020

    rebel trooper hat schematic restored and on cerect vender imperial gunner hat schematic restored and on cerect vender fix applied to Rori buildout mail fixed Darklighter Quest should now Update for Rebels

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    Server Update 25/07/2020

    fixed air vent in quarantine zone bunker ships mass adjusted for tie defender twing and havoc snow armor missing data added Imperial Command Hat should now be wearable by both Humans and Zabraks smuggler credit exploit fixed dearic invasion during life day fixed

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    Server Update 22/04/2020

    adds footprint file and strings for tree house 2 adds static entries for the tree house deed and restores tree house 2 fixes kyrisa npc to take naming from the final day assests Omogg’s Representative convosation strimgs alinged to final day assets Terrain modifier for Kwi temple upated to WoD assets to be added later […]

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    Server Update 06/05/2020

    servral missing assets readed to the Avatar Platform

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    Site Update

    The Site look and feel has been updated and ill continue to profect it over the next fue weeks so stay tuned.

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